Over the Atlantic

One drunken night and $750.00 later, Zoey Marshall is on a plane to Rome. What seemed like a great idea ten hours ago is a disaster now. Stuck between two snoring men, a crying baby and a child who won’t stop kicking her seat, Zoey regrets ever getting on the plane.

When her seatmate 12A wakes and turns his dark, soul-searching eyes on her, she feels an immediate attraction towards him. “The Lord of Darkness,” as she dubs him, is funny and charming, and before she knows it, the trip turns from disaster to enjoyable.

Dark curly-haired, sun-kissed skinned Marco is traveling back from a conference in New York and is seated next to a woman he can’t stop himself from antagonising. After a couple of playful hair tugs and a whisper in her ear, he has her right where he wants her.

Join Zoey and Marco on their adventures over the Atlantic in this fun, flirty, banter-filled rom com with a side of steam.

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