My Red Vixen


A life that’s turning into a rollercoaster. A fire that burns her house down. A new crush that isn’t telling her everything…

Jen had a rough start of her adult life when she got pregnant and lost both her baby and her ex. But that was ten years ago. Now she pairs wine and food for parties for a living and loves her life. It’s all about to get even better when she meets Jake at the Best Draft’s opening party. But when she loses her house in a fire, her world is turning upside down yet again.

Jake’s heart was broken when his fiancé left him at the alter with only a note on a cocktail napkin saying “I’m sorry, I can’t.” Ever since that moment, he has a hard time trusting people. But when he meets Jen, he knows she’s his soulmate. He offers her his guestroom for her to live in but he chides himself. Afterall, how could he live in the same space as someone who he thinks of every second of the day? And would she still want to live with him when she finds out more about him?

In order to move on, both Jen and Jake have to face their past. But when miscommunications lead to misunderstandings, Jen and Jake face even bigger challenges. Will they be able to fix this?

My Red Vixen is the second book in the Best Draft series. It’s a loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. If you like steamy Contemporary Romance books with angst and humor, then you will love this novel by E.K. Woodcock.

“This book ticked my boxes, it’s well written, it has great characters with sizzling chemistry and it has the perfect mix of love, passion and humour.”

Jackie Wright

Author E.K.Woodcock knows how to transform feelings into words. This book makes you feel everything, the love and the pain.

“She is my dream come true. She’s my yesterday, today and tomorrow.” The feelings in this phrase, just WOW!!!!

Kathleen Mahieu

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