Delay of Game

Jace Jackson…

Who is Jace Jackson, you ask… Jace Jackson is a neat package of charm and strength wrapped with a heavy doze of indifference. He is also the starring athlete of my dreams.
Jace Jackson is the fruit I won’t let myself have. Jace Jackson is the boy who once told me trust is a two-way street, showed me a side of him no one ever knew, made me want him so much, and the one boy who only broke my heart in return…
Jace Jackson is an ass!

Liza Thorn…

Who is Liza Thorn, you ask… Liza Thorn is the most beautiful and smart woman I’ve ever met wrapped with a heavy doze of stubbornness. She is also the cause of my wet dreams.
Liza Thorn is the one woman who can look at me without getting weak in the knees.
Liza Thorn is a conundrum I can’t solve.

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