A Letter A Day

Seven days, seven letters. A heart-warming love story.

Fourteen years ago, Trevor Kermt wrote his first love letter to Bridget Montgomery, asking her to the movies and be his first kiss. Fourteen year ago, Bridget Montgomery said yes to the movies but no to the kiss.

Twelve years ago, Trevor Kermt wrote a love letter to Bridget Montgomery, telling her he wished upon a star for her. Twelve years ago, Bridget Montgomery, kissed him under a cloudless sky full of stars.

Ten years ago, Trevor Kermt wrote a letter in utter desperation asking for Bridget to not leave everything they’ve worked for behind. Ten years ago, Bridget Montgomery enlisted as an army doctor.

Three years ago, Trevor Kermt wrote in a letter to Bridget Montgomery, he needed her strength to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Three years ago, Bridget Montgomery retired from active duty and moved back home.

Now it’s February 2023 and Trevor has one more letter for Bridget, but before he can give it to her, they need to find a way to clear the cobwebs of the past created by guilt, anxiety and grief.

A Letter A Day is the final book in the Best Draft series. It’s a loose retelling of The Frog Prince. If you like sweet, contemporary romance books with little heat and humor, then you will love this novel by E.K. Woodcock.

Get the book today and see if love can conquer it all.

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