A Cinderella Story


“See a lost shoe, pick it up. Prince Charming, you will find.”

Skylar O’Conner is many things: a cat lover, a flirt, a currently unemployed dreamer. One thing she’s not is a believer in magic or mysticism of any kind. When her mother gifts her a psychic reading on her 26th birthday, Skylar’s jaded outlook has her bored before she even steps inside. What she was not prepared for, was her own curiosity to act on the psychic’s advice when she finds an abandoned purple rainboot at the mall.

Since his wife died two years ago, Carter Montgomery’s entire world has centered around his daughter, Everly. He raises her to know her mother is a constant loving presence watching over them, one he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to move on from. But when a blonde with curly hair and emerald eyes waltzes into his life, she awakens yearnings within him he thought no longer existed.

Neither Skylar or Carter were prepared for what fate had in store for them, yet their attraction was undeniable. But when a simple gift causes a horrible misunderstanding, Carter pulls back out of fear the scars on his heart still cut too deep. Will pain from the past deny them the chance at a beautiful future?

“This story is truly a charming light read that will lift your spirits.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“A Cinderella Story is the fantastic, sweet, enchanting debut novel from E.K. Woodcock. She took this amazing classic fairytale we all love and made her own.”

Ashley Estep The Art of Reading

“If you are looking for a feel-good, clean romance, definitely check out A Cinderella Story!”

Sunny Shelly Reads

“…take us on a beautiful and unforgettable journey of the unexpected, love, moving on and family.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“…light and humorous with characters that were easy to fall for.”

LBM Book Blog

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