A Cinderella Story

If anyone would have told me a kid’s rubber boot might be the start to my fall, I’d laugh at you.

You don’t know me yet, but you’re about to. I’m your resident cynic Skylar O’Connor. Last year for my birthday I was gifted a psychic reading by my mother. I know, my eyes did a 180 roll to the back of my head too. But hear me out… 

From troubles with my day job to the tall, single and mysterious, this woman hit the nail on the head. 

I never thought I would find my Prince Charming in someone else’s Cinderella moment but alas here I’m staring at the man who could possibly change my life.

A Cinderella Story is a sweet romantic comedy about two people wary of love finding themselves in a place of trust and faith, taking a leap into the unknown, because when love is in the air anything is possible.

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